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Our Beginnings...

The inspiration for Delta Biscuit Co came to our owner, Hayne Begley, in the early hours of the morning while he was riding trains working for Union Pacific in 2014 and biding his time till he could open his own restaurant.  He knew that he needed to find a way to bring Little Rock something it was lacking, and at that time it was Breakfast/Brunch.  He quickly settled on focusing on an incredible biscuit for the concept, and the name Delta Biscuit kept coming back to the top of the list, so in April 2016 Delta Biscuit Co. became a reality!  30 months later on Nov 11, 2018 we opened our windows for service, and have been spreading the Biscuit Gospel ever since.

Our next chapter started April 8, 2022 when we relocated to Bentonville, AR and started spreading the Biscuit Gospel to the breakfast heathens of NWA!

Our Biscuits

Our Biscuits are 4.5" homemade Buttermilk, and were designed to hold all the deliciousness we can fit in/on one!  We go out of our way to make everything we can in house and when that isn't feasible we source from local producers.  It is our belief that the best food comes from as close to where it is prepared as possible, and we want to share that with our guests.

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